Standing Power Chairs

Standing power chairs are electric wheelchairs that enable you to stand up and move around in a vertical position. They offer many benefits for your health, well-being and independence, such as improved circulation, digestion, bone density, muscle tone, respiratory health and social interaction. They also allow you to access higher places and engage at eye level with others. Our webstore offers a variety of standing power chairs from different brands and providers, with features like joystick control, seat elevation, suspension, tilt or recline. Browse our selection and order online for the best prices today.


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Karman XO-202 Full Power Stand Up Chair Power wheelchairs Karman Healthcare 16" None
Karman XO-202 Full Power Stand Up Chair Sale priceFrom $9,900.00
Save $19,330.00
Karman XO-505 Electric Standing Wheelchair w/ Multiple Power Functions Power wheelchairs Karman Healthcare